Competitor Bulletin 1


6th February 2022


In light of the recent comments regarding refuel on the 2022 Riponian Rally, the organisers have clarified the regulations in the attached bulletin 1. The organisers also feel the need to confirm, the event does not receive any financial recompense from having Vital Equipment as its sole fuel supplier. The event route is such that to have refuelling in service had the potential for some crews to run out of fuel before reaching service, the decision was taken to have a remote refuel zone to prevent this. Having been made aware that the planned arrangements would not be workable for some competitors, the organisers have taken action to meet their requirements, but minimise the amounts of fuel transported from the service area to the refuel zone.


SSR 18: To ensure that competitors would be able to complete the rally route without running out of fuel, a refuelling area close to the route but remote from service is a necessity unless the vehicle could use 99 Octane fuel from one of the filling stations on route. Competitors using 99 Octane fuel have the option of filling up at filling stations on route or from Vital Equipment, there will be sufficient time allowed in the road sections to cater for both options. Competitors who use speciality fuels which are not available from Vital will be able refuel in the refuelling zone by strict adherence to the following process.

1/ They must contact the Entry Secretary prior to the event stating that they wish to self-refuel in the Refuelling Zone and give details of the fuel they will be using.

2/ They will be supplied at documentation with a ‘Refuel’ Plate which should be fixed to the vehicle they will use to transport their fuel from Service to the Refuel Zone, this can be their service vehicle and the plate should be fixed adjacent to their Service Plate. This vehicle must display the correct signage allowing fuel to be carried, the organisers accept no responsibility in the event of this vehicle being stopped by the Highways Agency, or North Yorkshire Police.

3/ There should be no more than 2 people in the refuel vehicle.

4/ The refuel vehicle must follow a set route, which will be issued at documentation, to and from the Service Area and the Refuel Zone. Mobile Judges of Fact will patrol this route

5/ Only refuelling will be permitted, any other form of servicing is strictly forbidden in the Refuelling area.

6/ Judges of Fact will be on duty in the refuel zone to check for breaches of these regulations with penalties applied as detailed SSR 18. Should the competitor need to visit the refuel area more than once the refuel crew may leave securely fastened containers in the refuel zone under the care of marshals if they wish.

This Bulletin amends SSR18 (e) to allow designated refuel vehicles to be used in the Refuel Zone, this is not emergency servicing.

Note: Vital do not charge for their services, only for the fuel they supply

Alan Hill (Clerk Of The Course)

Issued at 13:00 18/12/2021