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About RMSC


Ripon Motor Sport Club has existed for over fifty years, enabling motoring enthusiasts to participate in a wide range of motorsport activities, including road and stage rallying, circuit racing, autotesting, production car trials, sprints and hill climbs.

Ripon Motor Sport Club is affiliated to Motor Sport UK, and is a member club a number of regional associations including the Association of Northern Car Clubs, the Association of North Eastern and Cumbrian Car Clubs, the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs, the Association of North West Car Clubs and the Association of North East Midlands Motor Clubs.

Whatever your interest, be it spectating, marshalling, competing or organisation; Ripon Motor Sport Club can accommodate you.

Ripon Motor Sport Club is affiliated to Motorsport UK,
and is a member club of a number of regional associations.

Riponian Stages 

Ripon Motor Sport Club came into existence in July 1967, when a group of motoring and motorsport enthusiasts got together with the aim of forming a local motor club, rather than having to travel some 20 plus miles to join an established club. 

One of the first aims of the club was to gain RAC recognition, which it did in 1968. From the outset the club ran a mixture of autotests, production car trials, treasure hunts and 12 car rallies.


As membership continued to rise the Club decided to organise a larger event, and in November 1969 the first Riponian Rally was held, as a road rally event.

Ollie Mellors and Ian Wndress Riponian S
Rommel Tholthorpe.jpg

St Wilfrid's Classic

In 1972 a second major rally was added to the club calendar to coincide with Ripon’s annual Feast of St Wilfrid, and the St Wilfrid’s Rally was born.

The 1980’s saw many noteworthy competitive successes for the Club, including Ron Beecroft winning the Motoring News Rally Championship on three occasions, in 1981 & 1985 with John Millington and in 1987 with Mike Kidd.


The Riponian and St Wilfrid’s road rallies continued to be the Club's flagship events, however, changing road rally regulations led the Club to decide on a move away from road rallies for one of the events. 

In 1988 the Riponian was run for the first time as a special stage rally, whilst the St Wilfrid’s adapted to the new regulations and continued as a road rally.

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Get Involved

Present members continue to be actively involved in a wide range of motorsport disciplines and as Marshals, safety personnel and officials at many motorsport  events.


We also like to put on a varied social calendar for members, including video evenings, guest talks, training courses, navigational rallies, games nights, an annual dinner dance, motorsport trips and quiz nights.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact any committee member, or pop along to one of our club nights - the Club normally meets on the last Wednesday of the month.

2017 Ripon Motor Sport Club Award Winner
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